Hi!! I'm Chaeney!

I am 27 years old and currently running my photography business out of Mishawaka, IN!

Being a photographer has been one of my jobs since I was 17 years old! I had several other jobs throughout the years, always doing photography on the side. In 2022, I took the leap of going full time with my photography business and I have loved every moment!

I specialize mainly in family photography but also do seniors and couples. I LOVE shooting kids and meeting them on their level, following their lead and letting them have fun! Don't ever be scared to book a session because you think your kids won't cooperate enough, they don't need to! I'm all about just having fun during sessions and making the most of it. No need to stress!

Truly, my favorite part about photography is that while my style stays consistent, every single session I do is different and tells a different story. I believe every session should be unique to YOU and tell your story through photos.

Besides being a photographer, I stay home with my two daughters during the day and basically have my hands FULL. But my heart is also so full! I believe since I became a Mom myself it has really made me a better photographer. I can understand better now the importance of photographs, and what you want captured to remember and to hang on your walls.